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Pressure Transducers from American Sensor Technologies for Space Applications

American Sensor Technologies (AST) has introduced pressure transmitters and transducers suitable for aerospace and military applications. These US-made products can be utilized for a range of applications like fuel monitoring, military trucks, unmanned vehicles, armored vehicles, as well as hydraulic motors, pumps and transmissions for a wide portfolio of test equipment and government vehicles.

American AST pressure sensors and transducers

The two product lines widely used for aerospace and military applications include the AST20HA and AST2000 pressure transmitters. These transmitters incorporate the Krystal Bond Technology of AST, which consists of a single piece of a sensing element made of stainless steel that is free of internal O-rings, welds,and oil filled cavities.

These applications incorporate a broad -55 to 75°C operating temperature band. There will not be any O-ring failure for the sensing element in the frozen/boiling fluid filled cavities that is common for competitive designs during severe temperature conditions.

The digitally compensated AST20HA and AST2000 offer unmatched accuracy for the total operating temperature range.

Pressure transmitter survival is important for aerospace and military applications. The AST20HA and the AST2000 will be able to handle vibration, shock, as well as wash-down for military standards like the MIL-461 and MIL-810. Both products can be made with connectors, such as the 4 and 6 pin versions of the Bendix.

The AST2000 series is also widely used for vehicle applications since it has a light weight and compact design. The AST20HA is commonly utilized in aerospace applications by virtue of its better performance and linearity correction over broad temperature ranges. In both ways, AST sensors offer the right fit for handling extreme temperature conditions.

For promoting the utilization of US steels, most government programs have stipulated that the steel used for the system has to be melted by companies located in the US. Such a stipulation is enforced via the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). AST can offer a Certificate of Conformance that ensures that the product complies with the Berry Amendment requirement.

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