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Border Hawk Surveillance Plane GPS Video Recording Systems

The Challenger II ‘Border Hawk’ air surveillance airplane from American Border Patrol (ABP) incorporates GPS video recording systems and HD cameras. This plane was utilized recently for surveying the border region in south of Ft. Huachuca in Arizona to shoot ‘Open Border Arizona,’ a new video. This plane has been equipped for border surveillance.

American Border Patrol Innovative border maps

ABP, a non-profit Arizona corporation, is utilizing state-of-the-art tech systems for the last eight years in its border regions. ABP uses Cessna TU-206 for longer-range mapping of its border fence from air, besides using the Challenger II for close-in surveillance.

ABP will showcase the Border Hawk during a rally at Wesley Bolin Plaza that is located near the state capitol building, with special show featuring the video on the Open Border Arizona.

According to ABP’s website, a rally known as Phoenix Rising is held for supporting Arizona as well as the rule of law, and will include feature speakers like the ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo, Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce.


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