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In-Car Camera DVR with G-shock Sensor Senses Accidents

Cantek’s new DR-200 2 channel camera mobile DVR functions like a car’s Black Box for video recording of related activities. An internal G-shock sensor  senses an accident and triggers the DVR for recording all activities and information relating to the accident.

The DR-200 is now being offered for sale by Surveillance Video through its website This distinctive DVR/dual camera combo is mounted in the interior of the windshield of the car. It features an indoor facing camera, outdoor facing camera, and a totally functional digital video recorder.

With the capacity to detect and record information before and after accidents with the help of an in-built G-sensor, it can also record driving information like GPS, place, speed and time, besides recording images to clearly sort out any accident.

It is able to decrease accident rates by verifying driving habits for occurrences of signal violations, abrupt acceleration, speeding and sudden breaking by the driver. It uses IR LEDs in the indoor facing camera, as well as a wide dynamic range (WDR) CMOS sensor in the outdoor facing camera. These features are meant for supporting clear images even during night time.

The DR-200 has three recording modes, namely event, normal, and dual. The normal recording mode is used to record at one minute intervals that are independent of events. The event recording mode is used to record for ten seconds before and five seconds after the accident happens, with a 15 seconds total recording time. Dual recording combines event and normal recording, since the normal recording stops on detecting an accident and event recording commences. The normal recording resumes after event recording stops. An external switch is also included for quick and easy manual recording during emergencies.

This easy-to-install DVR is useful for all vehicles like vans, taxis, and trucks. It incorporates an internal 512MB SDRAM memory and accepts an SD card for a maximum of 32GB capacity. It is powered by the car\'s battery by using the cigarette jack. It also has Li-ion polymer backup battery.


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