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KaZaK’s PADD Solution Delivers Sensors to Improve Placement Accuracy

KaZaK Composites, Inc., a premier high value-added design and composite engineering vendor, has developed ‘Precision Aerial Delivery of Dropsondes,’ (PADD), a distinctive system that delivers sensors for enhancing the Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) capability of the US Navy during the process of protecting the intended target and the personnel.

KaZaK weapon components

KaZaK’s PADD, an air delivery gadget, is joined to a dropsonde launcher for offering a stand-off, precision capability by using the current ASW. This low-risk system needs minimal changes to current ASW equipment, operations, logistics, and training.

More information related to PADD will be available during a presentation at the 2010 Navy Opportunity Forum at the Arlington, VA-based Hyatt Regency Crystal City.

The existing system of the US Navy provides unguided sensors. These sensors follow a ballistic path that causes errors in the sensors’ actual placement point, according to KaZaK Composites’ CTO/President Jerry Fanucci. Fanucci informed that these drops are conducted at low altitude in mostly hostile regions, resulting in divulging of intended targets and danger to the air crews.

Fanucci explained that the GPS navigation functionality will enable PADD to ensure delivery of payload more precisely. He added that the expendable, low cost design helps in saving the Navy expenditure.


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