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Flexpoint Sensor Develops Prototype Products Based on Patented Bend Sensors

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. has developed and delivered advanced prototypes of some products that are based on Flexpoint’s patented Bend Sensor® technology to its client.

The Flexpoint Bend Sensor

Presently the client is evaluating the prospects of these products with several leading distributors and manufacturers. Flexpoint expects some of these products to be developed and launched in the market before the end of 2010.

During an event, these sports shoes will measure weight distribution and transfer of weight, providing information related to user movement, timing and weight transfer on a real-time basis. These shoes can be used during sports training sessions and also help users who have no sensation of their feet while walking, as it will be possible to configure these shoes to provide sensory feedback whenever their feet touched the ground.

The technology and sensors used in these sports shoes are also used for bowling and running shoes and can be extended for usage in golf club shafts and bowling gloves as well. These products will help sportsmen to measure and enhance their performances. Flexpoint has developed several prototypes of these spots shoes, golf club shafts, and bowling gloves and has showcased them to leading equipment manufacturers.

According to Clark Mower, Flexpoint Sensor Systems’ President, the golf shoe is probably the first product in the group to appear in the market, since requirements for training devices for golf is increasing. He revealed that the U.S. has more than 26 million golfers and over 25 rounds every year are played by around 5 million golfers in the U.S. Mower added that Flexpoint is thrilled to be in a position to launch multiple sports products in the market and that millions of golf and bowling enthusiasts are considering enhancements in their individual performances, and Flexpoint hopes that these products will be based on low-cost technology for these applications. Mover explained that whenever these products were discussed with concerned industries they have given an enthusiastic response and the product will easily experience yearly sales worth millions of dollars, based on market feedback received and millions of likely customers in the market.


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