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Spansion Introduces Family of Flexible Microcontrollers for Industrial Applications

Spansion Inc., a global leader in embedded systems solutions, today announced a complete family of microcontrollers addressing high performance and low power needs for industrial applications such as factory automation, building management, inverter drives, smart meters, home appliances and medical devices.

This family includes the release of the first line of its low power Spansion® FM0+ products, which are now sampling. The Spansion FM3 Family and the first products of the high performance Spansion FM4 Family are in mass production.

The Spansion FM (flexible microcontrollers) family, based on ARM® Cortex-M processors, offers a seamless transition for customers for high performance and low power needs. The family delivers high performance up to 200 MHz / 250 MIPS for applications such as factory automation, building management and motor control, as well as ultra low power features for sensors, human machine interfaces and home appliances. These products are offered with different voltage ranges from 1.65V to 5.5V, embedded Flash memory options ranging from 64Kbytes to 2Mbytes, analog interfaces, and support for serial, CAN, USB and Ethernet communications interfaces.

Embedded Processing for Internet of Things Industrial Innovation

Spansion's industrial solutions meet a diverse range of needs including the transition to the growing industrial Internet of Things, which requires high-performance MCUs, graphical user interfaces, connectivity and programmability.

"Spansion delivers a scalable family of microcontrollers designed for the industrial market with options from low power to industry-leading performance that allows for differentiated features such as touch, connectivity and inverter drives to be added into a single MCU," said Saied Tehrani, senior vice president and CTO of Spansion. "Together with Spansion's extensive software support and long history serving global industrial markets in both Flash memory and MCUs, the Spansion FM family and solutions help our customers simplify system design and accelerate time to market."

The Spansion FM family, which includes over 700 products, comes with high levels of quality and functional safety standards for stringent industrial requirements, and is backed by Spansion's longevity program. A set of sophisticated solution packs of HMI, touch and inverter drives reduced development time by delivering ready to run blocks for different application needs. In addition, Spansion's virtual development system enables customers to save on evaluation time and costs.

Product Family Overview and Availability
High Performance Spansion FM4 Family

With more than 140 products in production now, the Cortex-M4 based Spansion FM4 Family incorporates DSP and FPU functions that provide the power required for advanced computations and eases a model-based design approach. The products include a rich set of peripherals, including inverter drive support, SDIO, USB, CAN and Ethernet, and embedded Flash ranging from 256Kbytes to 2Mbytes that support 100,000 rewrite cycles with a 20-year data retention.

Universal Spansion FM3 Family
With more than 570 products in production now, the Cortex-M3 standard core based Spansion FM3 Family ranges from 32-pin to 176-pins. It comes with a rich set of peripherals, including inverter drive support, USB, CAN and Ethernet, and offers 64Kbytes to 1.5Mbytes of embedded Flash memory.

Entry/Low Power Spansion FM0+ Family
The Spansion FM0+ Family is based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core, optimized for low power and high efficiency. With only 70uA/MHz, it offers industry leading power consumption. This family is designed for a whole range of industrial applications that require low-power consumption at cost-effective prices. The products are now sampling.


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