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InnerSpace Introduces Advanced Neuromonitoring Systems for Traumatic Brain Injuries

InnerSpace has introduced new, sophisticated neuromonitoring systems called the Hummingbird Parenchyma, the Hummingbird Ventricular and the Hummingbird Synergy in the U.S. market. These products are specifically developed to treat and manage traumatic brain injuries.

The Hummingbird Synergy enables continuous monitoring of the cerebral blood flow, oxygen and Intracranial Pressure (ICP) and simultaneously provides ventricular drainage. These functions are done via a single burr-hole, unlike the present systems that require two or three holes.

The Hummingbird’s design reduces infections and other related complications, thus reducing patients’ risk. The Hummingbird also features access ports that enable an oxygen probe to be placed accurately.

The Hummingbird series features a sophisticated ICP sensor called the AirPulse. This sensor helps in determining the pressure via an air column. The system is compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and features a ventricular catheter with an integrated sensor. The catheter, which is positioned in the parenchyma, eliminates the measurement problems faced in occluded or slit ventricles.

InnerSpace’s Vice President, Ben Bobo, stated that the company is happy to expand its series of neuromonitoring systems and their network of sales and marketing support centers will facilitate a wider reach of their products in the healthcare sector.


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