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GPS Personal Tracker—a Boon to Worried Parents

A new product called the GPS personal tracker has been introduced, which will assist humanity by protecting both the young and the old. With most parents being employed, the children who finish school early, have no one to keep them under surveillance Due to lack of supervision, they tend to frequent gaming arcades or net bars and sometimes they might even be lost or be kidnapped. All this makes the parents worry about the safety of their kids.

The position of the GPS personal tracker can be determined by a computer, as the tracker comes with both the mobile communication and built-in GPS models and can forward its location to the internet server via the GSM/GPRS network.

The various uses of the GPS personal tracker are tracking the movements of children, old people, pets, wild animals, and trucks; tracking private possessions, services and costly goods and also safeguarding cars and bikes from thefts.

Its main functions are two way talkie where the tracker is assigned an authority number and if the key is pressed one can call and also take a call using the authority number. To identify the location and timing and it can be used to imply emergencies, road rage dwindling battery and mobile alarm or theft. It also functions as an Electronic fencer which will give an alarm and route a message to the supervisor’s mobile phone if the terminal’s traveling area is negotiated. The built in vibrating sensor goes into the sleep mode if there is no vibration within a stipulated time limit. If an assigned monitor number is called the terminal responds instantaneously.

This diminutive, handy model is wispy, making it easy for kids and the elderly to carry. Its emergency key can be pressed for getting help, and the tracker can be set for the parents to effortlessly trace the spot of the kids by programming a safe area limit and alarm the parents if the children have crossed the safe area.

Short power supply and inability of providing exact locations are the two major drawbacks of the GPS personal tracker.

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