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Bobcat Unveils Uncooled, Near Infrared Camera

Xenics Bobcat is a handy, uncooled, economic NIR camera having a digital signal processor for smart and practical imaging. The many inspection and quality check applications in the camera use both thermal imaging and subsurface NIR inspection.

The industries such as waste sorting, food safety, online quality control and semiconductors utilize NIR imaging, while Thermography and thermal processes ranging from temperatures of 300 °C to 800 °C use thermal imaging, and it is less sensitive to changes in emission.

The InGaAs detector in this camera can operate even with minimal illumination. As it does not need cooling, it consumes less power, making it useful for a variety of industrial imaging, and in combination with light sources like eye-safe, which is a 1.55µm laser, it will provide short wave infrared (SWIR) illumination.

Bobcat in conjunction with standard c-mount lenses and protective camera frames can be  applied in constrained or demanding industrial environs, if embedded digital signal processors and camera links are connected to a computer through standard Ethernet cables.

Movies and image files can be stored in different formats, as the Bobcat has, a graphical user interface to control the camera and also acquire images. NIR imaging supplies data which is not accessible by visible spectrum imaging. Its applications include, estimating the amount of glucose in fruits, level of absorption by plastics and also gauging the emission levels of photons due to defects in semiconductors.

The quality of NIR imaging which permits viewing of the area below the surface of a thing or material, allows its internal defects to be captured, as it has the capacity to pass through glass while the LWIR cameras cannot penetrate this might bring about inspection of goods via its outer packing.

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