SoundOfMotion Unveils Highly Precise Bluetooth Sensor

Ordinary computers in cycles use an absolute 360° wheel rotation to find out the speed of a cyclist with a delay of 7 s, but SoundOfMotion’s new Velocomputer Bluetooth sensor is 360 times more specific having a delay of a mere second.

This computer is fixed to the cycle wheel’s brake system using a magnet just as it is in the conventional cycling computers except, for the means of gauging motion, these sensors locate the magnet’s position proportional to its centre axis and tracks down the wheel rotation angle to a precision of 1°. Spot speed and acceleration can be measured accurately using this sensor and the later versions will also determine power and torque for usage in mobile devices.

The sensor suits the Velocomputer 6 mobile version which can be down streamed from the by paying an amount of $14.95. It can also be used in tandem with an embedded accelerometer with a pulsation feature in mobile phones such as LG Renoir, Nokia N97, Sony Ericsson JP8 and Blackberry Storm.

Only cycling fans and professionals who are interested to know the accurate measurements of acceleration, distance and spot speeds can access this sensor by sending their CVs vis-à-vis the website mentioning the subject as ‘‘sensor trial”.

Volume production of the sensor combined with a blue tooth low energy profile known as SDK (software development kit) is to be executed after some time this year and usage of blue tooth SIG removes the necessity of recharging the battery as it allows sensor operation for many months by using one battery which is coin sized.


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