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Arquiled’s Combine with OSRAM to Efficiently Illuminate the Streets

Arquiled, Luminaire producers has added SFH 5712 digital ambient light sensor to its luminaries.

Smart management of light and reduction of energy expenses are the advantages of these sensors. OSRAM’s component modulates the light intensity of the LED’s, based on illuminating conditions The spectral sensitivity of the sensor and the human eye complement each other helping to control the LED’s light intensity.

With a 100 lm/W light output, the LED Dragon plus is primarily built for illuminating the streets and is accessible in a range of color temperatures. By a combination of semiconductors its life span is prolonged (50,000 h) with low up keep, light up roads and pathways resulting in increased savings.

Due to focused lighting of LED’s, less light is dispersed leading to lower light requirements. Furthermore, customizing the luminaries by adding digital brightness sensors leads to lesser consumption of electricity. As it is easy to install, ordinary lights can be swapped by these LEDs, improving road safety.

According to the Marketing Director of OSRAM, Rainer Friedrich, efficient illumination, by using a fusion of light sources and semiconductor sensors, has been tried and tested in different projects successfully.


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