Market Report on Sensors Used in Consumer Electronics

Markets and Markets has released a new report on the various sensors employed in consumer electronics such as laptops, cell phones etc for which there is a worldwide demand.

Sensors such as accelerometer, Hall-Effect and Gyroscopes, which are used in mobile phones, will assist the markets for electronic goods to thrive, as it has been premeditated that by 2010, one out of every three cell phones would be integrated with an accelerometer, while mobile flip models would use the Hall Effect sensors.

Navigation features which are a prerequisite currently are achieved by using ensconced electronic compasses in all smart phones whose market is intended to reach $150.3 billion by the year 2014, consequently increasing the demand for electronic compasses, which use magnetic sensors.

The Report investigates in depth, the expansion pertaining to a range of sensors used for specific purposes. It also throws light on trends, market drivers, major players, on the competition prevailing, and available opportunities and also, outlines of 35 companies thereby assisting the clients to grasp the market positions and the competitors’ game plan, as well as identify potential growth areas and help them to branch out by supplying customized market intelligence, market segmentation up to the fifth level. Analysis will be done on markets world wide and will include new sectors like touch and image sensors. It classifies the sensor markets on the basis of attributes such as Types (including sensors such as touch, temperature, pressure, position and image) and competitive and product positioning and Applications (in the communication, entertainment, IT and consumer appliances sector).

Employees of Markets and Markets make use of their own proficiency and years of experience in the field, along with information secured from 22000 news agencies, a vast database consisting of major game players, and also their connection to 900 other market research companies in the world, to help their clients prosper.


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