Honeywell’s Notifier Launches a New System Sensor FAAST(TM)

Notifier, a leading manufacturer of fire alarm systems, has launched a five programmable alarm level system sensor FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) Detector, to deliver in advance notice of smoke (at least 60 minutes before combustion), simultaneously suppressing false alarms. It gives absolute safety to high risk and security operations, and critical facilities, in the most severe or taxing environs.

The FAAST detector has a unique dual source sensing process. It takes in air via a pipe network and utilizes a very sensitive blue light-emitting diode (LED) to detect/ sense smoke, and an Infrared laser to determine other particles in air from smoke. It then makes use of intricate algorithms, from both the sources, to issue warning signals an hour before the fire starts.

The five different programmed alarms offer flexible sensitivity settings, which can be customized for on site needs. It has a unique acclimate mode that immediately controls system settings, to be restricted within defined parameters, and also to be in accord with present conditions. This is useful for commercial properties that need to reduce data loss and impairment from factors like water, smoke and fire. It will be of great benefit to buildings such as stadiums, prisons and hospitals, where evacuation proves to be a protracted phenomenon. This superior version is also equally efficient in high air velocity surroundings and other unstable conditions.

With an Ethernet connection, exclusive to FAAST a select group of people with access can send e-mails on alarms, faults and other conditions to numerous email addresses thereby monitor through secure net connectivity. FAAST is recorded as a VEWFD System (Very Early Warning Fire Detection) by the Factory Manual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

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