New Report on Emerging Opportunities in the Gestural Recognition Markets

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets today announced the addition of a new report to its schedule addressing emerging opportunities within gestural recognition titled, "Gestural Recognition: Sensors, Cameras and Other Technology Opportunities-2014" that will ship during the current Q3 period.

About the Report:

Over the next decade, gestural recognition could replace touch sensing as the leading edge computer input technology. Although gestural recognition and control technology has served niche markets in gaming and virtual reality for some time, NanoMarkets believes that within a few years, gestural recognition will begin to generate significant revenues in general industrial applications, as well as in the signage, healthcare, automotive and telepresence sectors.

We think that this surge in interest in gestural recognition will lead to a broad range of opportunities in the sensor, camera and related businesses. We also think that the rise of gestural recognition will have important implications for the 3D display market, possibly bring such displays into the computer display mainstream. Together, these prospects could be worth billions of dollars to components and sub-systems makers.

At the present time, gestural recognition technology is immature with a variety of sensor and camera options appearing on this market. Some of these will create large businesses. Others will fall by the wayside. The objective of this report is to forecast where each of these technologies is headed and to quantify their commercial potential. We also predict who the leading firms will be in this space and how their product/market strategies are evolving.

The report builds on NanoMarkets expertise in the sensor and display sectors, where our company has been providing industry analysis for almost a decade. The coverage in this report begins with the first-generation of gestural recognition, such as that using projected capacitive touch sensors and then moves on to 3D gestural recognition, which is where most observers believe that the opportunities will emerge.

We think this report will be important to business development and marketing executives in the general sensor, camera/image sensor, display, computer and software industries.


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