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Posseidon Warning System to Save Shipping Industry

The Sunderland University’s research team for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) has developed a mechanized alerting system called the Posseidon system for use in ships.

This sensor based processing unit, monitors the Lube oil, the lubricating fluid, that drives power generation and propulsion engines of a ship, to take actions prior to any failure or contamination, viscosity, water content, base number and provides insight into the abrasion of the engine, thus salvaging millions for the shipping industry from revamping.

Dr Mike Knowles and David Baglee

The Posseidon system consists of a black box clasped to the core engine of the ship and the software for monitoring the properties of oil functions as a stop light system which cautions the crew about notable problems such as power blackout and impulsion efficiency, and provides key to resolve it and to enhance the engine’s performance and life. This system also endures variable temperatures, humidity, vibration and motion for many years minus the service.

According to Dr David Baglee, this technology also plays a decisive role, in ecological and environmental benefits, while reducing the oil spills at sea. The Posseidon Project funded by the EU as part of Framework Programme 6, has a syndicate of 6 maritime partners consisting of BP Marine Fundación Tekniker, OelCheck, Martechnic, IMM (International Mercantile Marine), IB Krates and.Rina.


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