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Siemens Introduces Touchscreen-Based Room Thermostat

The Siemens Building Technologies division has added the KNX-capable RDF800KN model to its range of communications-enabled room thermostats. The device can be integrated into various building automation systems via KNX, supports a wide range of applications and offers numerous energy-efficiency functions.

The new KNX capable room thermostat RDF800KN from Siemens.

With the RDF800KN, Siemens presents a modern touchscreen-based room thermostat. Combined with an intuitive operating concept, which was optimized in extensive user tests, the touch functionality makes the device easy and convenient to use so that it is particularly suitable for applications in hotels and residential buildings.

Thanks to KNX support, the RDF800KN can be easily connected to building automation systems such as Desigo, Synco and Gamma from Siemens as well as to many systems of third-party suppliers. With the Synco web server from Siemens, users can also access the room thermostat over the Internet and monitor or change its settings and readings.

During operation, the RDF800KN exchanges all information relevant to energy consumption with the connected system. The device automatically selects the most energy-efficient settings on the basis of this data. The room thermostat also has numerous energy saving functions that can be set manually, including demand-based air handling, individual room control with centrally defined setpoints, setpoint limits for heating, cooling and fan speed control, timer programs as well as a presence/absence detection function. Two multifunction inputs allow for the connection of elements such as window contacts and presence detectors; the interaction between the disciplines offers energy-savings potential, for example by turning off the heat when windows are opened or rooms are not being used.

The RDF800KN supports a wide range of applications for fan coils, heating/cooling systems and heat pumps. The room temperature is controlled either with the integrated temperature sensor or an external room or return air sensor. The basic functions include automatic or manual changeover between heating and cooling in three modes (Comfort, Economy and Protection), automatic or manual fan control and limiting of room temperature setpoints.

Commissioning and configuration take place either on the touchscreen or using the Synco ACS tool or the KNX Engineering Tool Software (ETS). The room thermostat connects directly to the bus, so that the HVAC system doesn't have to be controlled with an additional controller. Not only does this simplify installation, it also reduces costs. The RDF800KN is designed to be flush-mounted.

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The RDF800KN communications-enabled room thermostats and the associated service are part of Siemens' Environmental Portfolio. Around 43 percent of its total revenue stems from green products and solutions. That makes Siemens one of the world's leading providers of eco-friendly technology.


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