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BIND Biosensor Pioneered to Measure Antibody Screening

X-Body Biosciences, along with SRU Bio-systems, affirmed a notable collaborative breakthrough in the field of antibody screening, where an SRU BIND, label free protein identification base is used for the testing of antibodies.

They have created and endorsed a unique BIND Biosensor plan to be used alongside the SRU BIND Reader, leading to a huge increase (200 fold) in sensitivity, when compared to the former versions of the sensor. It permits quantifying the sub-nanomolar affinity processes inside 384/1536 micro plate formats which is automated, for usage in making QC and drug discovery processes and diagnoses.

The Vice President, X-body (Antibody Research), Dr. Yan Chen, has stated that research has been carried out, for several years to source out a label less, high throughput screening base to expedite the drug discovery procedures, and the remodeled BIND system delivers exceptional sensitivity and throughput for screening antibodies and recognize quickly and characterize therapeutic candidates and analyses entire human antibody annals that are covered by the SRU-BIND.


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