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getTemp Resists Extreme Environments

getTemp is a compact coupled thermometer which works on optical fibers. It is very easy and simple to handle and serves temperature monitoring in micro-wave zones, intense electromagnetic areas, and in places where electric temperature sensors fail to function effectively.

getTemp temperarure sensor

It is obtained in several versions and meets almost all specific requirements such as probe length, temperature range, accuracy and interfaces. Under extreme measuring conditions the complete system shows ± 2°C accuracy and in restricted temperatures, its accuracy is +/- 0, 1°C.

getTemp fiber optic temperature sensors are resistant to electromagnetic environments and hazardous areas and give accurate measurements even in harsh areas since it conducts less heat. Because of these properties it  serve wide variety of applications in plasma, microwave and HF, processing  semiconductor wafers, high voltage transformers, process monitoring, power utility, food industry, medical and biomedical industry, chemical industry and aerospace.

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