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Intelligent Decisions Helps Government Agencies to Retrofit Fleet Vehicles to Support IoT

Intelligent Decisions (ID), Inc., a premier global IT systems integrator, today announced that it will offer government agencies the capability to retrofit fleet vehicles to support the Internet of Things (IoT). As the exclusive federal reseller for Infinite Skyz, a company that creates, innovates and delivers products and services that allow organizations to incorporate the IoT into their own operations, ID is leveraging this partnership to assist federal agencies in the efficient and cost-effective management of their fleet vehicles.

Using Infinite Skyz’s SkyzMatic vehicle connectivity system, a solution that converts hard-wired signals from meters, sensors and equipment to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular signals for communication over the Internet, ID will be able to connect everything in a vehicle to the Internet, where information can be viewed and managed by both the driver and fleet manager. By tapping into a vehicle’s CAN (Controller Area Network) bus, SkyzMatic will allow fleet managers to conduct highly technical diagnostics on their fleet to obtain data previously only available during a trip to a mechanic.

“Government agencies are looking to cut costs across the board so they can focus on delivering their services in more efficient, accountable ways,” said Rhett Butler, vp of sales at ID. “To assist those agencies that rely on large fleets of vehicles to execute their missions, ID is offering a solution that affords decision makers a comprehensive glimpse into how their fleet operates using the power of the Internet. Agencies can use the data collected by SkyzMatic to monitor everything from fuel consumption to security to route planning.”

The SkyzMatic vehicle connectivity system has numerous sensors to provide vehicle fleets with connected car features, including in-vehicle VoIP calling, Internet access, remote vehicle monitoring, remote start, lock/unlock and navigation. The connectivity will also provide Bluetooth 4.0, in-vehicle internet access, 360-degree camera monitoring and logging, vehicle location monitoring, trip logging, distance sensors and accelerometer data monitoring. The SkyzMatic system will transmit real-time camera views, location, dashboard, distance sensors and accelerator data directly to an iPad mini through the SkyzMatic system.

“Using SkyzMatic will provide government fleet managers with information and data about their vehicles that was previously inaccessible and in some cases non-existent,” said Elizabeth Drake, vice president of Infinite Skyz. “Data collected from SkyzMatic-enabled fleets can be used to conduct preventative maintenance on specific vehicles or aggregated to modernize fleet management by monitoring fuel consumption, improving route planning, idle-time monitoring and other methods that maximize government resources, increase transparency and improve accountability.”

This offering comes on the heels of Infinite Skyz’s announcement that it will supply Elio Motors with this technology to produce the industry’s first Internet Car.


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