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Zilog’s New Z8 ENCORE! XP F6482 Microcontroller for Low-Power and Wireless Applications

Zilog, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation and a pioneer supplier of microcontrollers (MCUs) providing solutions for the industrial, telecommunication, automotive and consumer markets, today introduced its Z8 Encore! XP® F6482 Series MCU, the latest in Zilog’s line of Z8 Encore! XP® Flash microcontroller products.

These F6482 Series products are based on Zilog’s advanced 8-bit eZ8 CPU core and are optimized for low-power and wireless applications, supporting 1.8V to 3.6V low-voltage operations with extremely low Active, Halt, and Stop Mode currents, and offering an assortment of speed and low power options.

The I/O capabilities of the F6482 Series MCUs make them suitable for a wide variety of applications including safety and security, utility metering, digital power supervisory, hand-held electronics, and general motor control. The F6482 Series features up to 67 port pins (ports A–J) for general purpose input/output (GPIO); the number of GPIO pins available is a function of package type. Each pin is individually programmable.

Zilog’s F6482 Series MCUs feature the following functionality:

  • 24MHz eZ8 CPU core
  • 16KB, 32KB, 60KB or 64KB Flash memory with in-circuit programming capability
  • 2KB or 3.75KB internal RAM
  • Up to 128 bytes Non-Volatile Data Storage (NVDS)
  • 12-bit (or 14-bit 2-pass) Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • Up to 12 external channels plus dedicated inputs for op amps (2)
  • Temperature sensor, AVDD/2, and bandgap
  • Internal or external voltage reference and single ended or differential inputs
  • Integrated LCD driver with blinking and contrast control for up to 96 segments (4 common by 24 segment lines)
  • 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption/decryption hardware accelerator according to FIPS PUB 197
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) supporting both Counter and Clock modes
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • Two on-chip low power analog comparators
  • Two on-chip, low power operational amplifiers
  • 8-channel Event System provides communication between peripherals for autonomous triggering
  • Full speed Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0) device supporting eight endpoints with integrated USB-PHY
  • Two full duplex UARTs with Local Interconnect Network (LIN), Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and Digital Multiplex (DMX) protocol modes.
  • Support for 9-bit (multiprocessor) and RS-485 driver enable
  • Two enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controllers
  • I2C controller which supports Master/Slave modes
  • Four channel DMA controller with direct or linked-list operation
  • Three enhanced 16-bit timers with Capture, Compare, and PWM capability
  • Two additional basic 16-bit timers with interrupt (shared as UART Baud Rate Generator)
  • 16-bit Multi-Channel Timer which supports four Capture/Compare/PWM modules

“With this feature set, Zilog’s F6482 Series offers a cost effective solution for multiple applications in demand today, such as wireless solar panel controllers, PIR motion detection, DALI, DMX, RF, DSI, touch sensing, USB, biometric sensing, glass break detection, wireless thermostats and smoke detectors, and designs requiring encryption/decryption,” said Steve Darrough, Zilog’s Director of Worldwide Marketing. “We are pleased to offer a very current 8-bit microcontroller that will meet the expectations for current designs in the industry.”


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