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Axis Introduces AXIS F44 Main Unit with Four Miniature Sensor Units for Discreet Surveillance

Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, today adds AXIS F44 Main Unit to its flexible and modular AXIS F Series. The series is based on a divided network camera concept where the camera is split into a sensor unit, made up of a lens and image sensor with a pre-mounted cable, and a main unit, which is the body of the camera.

Since the main unit and sensor units with different lens types are sold separately, customers can choose the components as required and can easily change them to fit the surveillance need. The products allow for cost-effective and highly discreet video surveillance since the small sensor units can be installed virtually out of view in tight places, while the main unit can be placed up to 39 ft. away where there is more space (see video).

“AXIS F44 offers a simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring up to four closely situated areas within a site using just one main unit,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “The small modular sensor units can be easily relocated or changed after the initial installation for added flexibility. It is an ideal solution for discreet video surveillance in retail and banking, as well as transportation installations such as in emergency vehicles, buses and trucks.”

In the fall, an AXIS F44 Main Unit and two connected AXIS F1005-E Sensor Units were sent up in a stratospheric balloon as part of a game called Stratocaching (which combines high-altitude balloons with geocaching) in the Czech Republic. Recording views of the journey from the two sensor units simultaneously, AXIS F44 provided HDTV videos of the balloon’s ascent 18 miles above ground, the subsequent balloon burst, the distribution of the stratocaches with GPS transmitters and the dramatic fall with a parachute (see video).

“The Stratocaching event clearly demonstrated the ruggedness and exceptional video performance of the AXIS F Series,” said Erik Frännlid, director of product management, Axis Communications. “AXIS F44 and AXIS F1005-E Sensor Units performed in turbulent conditions and extremely low temperatures. They are a testament to the high quality of Axis products.”

AXIS F44 is a high-performance unit that supports:

  • Simultaneous streaming of four separate high-resolution 1080p videos at 15 frames per second or four HDTV 720p videos at full frame rate
  • Quad view, a stream made up of four separate views from the connected sensor units
  • Two-way audio
  • I/O ports for external devices to enhance alarm management
  • RS232 port for integration of external data to the video
  • Local storage of recordings using its two built-in full-sized SD card slots
  • Power over Ethernet, as well as the option of connecting to an 8-28 V DC power supply
  • Intelligent video capabilities such as video motion detection, active tampering alarm and downloadable applications through the AXIS Camera Application Platform

The four compatible AXIS F Sensor Units, available with 10 ft. or 39 ft. pre-mounted cables, are:

  • IP66-rated AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit with a standard lens and a 113° horizontal field of view for indoor, outdoor and mobile use
  • AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit with a varifocal lens for a 53° to 108° horizontal field of view for indoor use
  • AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit with a pinhole lens and a 92° horizontal field of view for indoor use
  • IP66-rated AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit with a fisheye lens for a 194° horizontal field of view for indoor, outdoor and mobile use.

AXIS F44 offers AXIS Camera Companion video management software and is supported by AXIS Camera Station and the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program. AXIS F44 also includes support for AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.

AXIS F44 has a suggested retail price of $549 and is available now through Axis’ standard distribution channels. The suggested retail price for the 10 ft. cable versions of AXIS F1005-E, AXIS F1025 and AXIS F1035-E Sensor Units is $249, while the 10 ft. cable version of AXIS F1015 is $279. All units are available in 39 ft. cable versions at an additional cost of $20.

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