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MMA8450Q with Improved Features Detect Complex Motions

Freescale’s three-axis accelerometer with digital capacity, MMA8450Q, traded by Mouser, senses motion yielding 12-bit data in conjunction with FIFO. This performs positive, complicated movement detection demanding next order forms that go beyond basic modus operandi the spokesman of the company added.

Mouser-Three axis accelerometer accomplishes complex gesture recognition

This unique 12-bit 3-axis accelerometer having digital capacitance with lesser-g I²C speed and intense low power, supplies improved ingrained intelligence such as enhanced orientation, freefall, tap, jolt, double-tap, and shake detection. The 3D gesture detection, position detection, pedometry and many other complex motions can also be detected with the aid of this device.

According to Mike Scott, vice president of active products at Mouser, this unique accelometer will help engineers in developing novel designs for movable applications in the future.


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