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JIN and Omron Healthcare Partner to Develop MEME Smart Eyewear-Based Wearable Sensing Solutions

In response to the growing demand for sensing technology in the healthcare market, JIN Co. Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Hitoshi Tanaka, President) and Omron Healthcare Co. Ltd. (HQ: Muko, Kyoto; Kiichiro Miyata, President) will launch a joint project to develop new solutions based on JINS MEME smart eyewear and aim for a new product launch in spring 2016.

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Adding new value to wearable sensing products in healthcare
Today, the demand for healthcare products and services continues to rise as the population ages and more people have lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. This has propelled the expectation for wearable devices that can easily monitor a wide variety of biological data around the clock. In particular, much expectation revolves around developing a 24-hour sensing device for the brain, where over 90% of the senses are based. Monitoring the senses will help identify potential diseases and injuries, playing a vital role in the progress of preventive medicine which promotes active health management. Adapting the bioinstrumentation/assessment/analysis technology of Omron Healthcare, JINS and Omron Healthcare will work together to develop scalable products based on JINS MEME smart eyewear to create new value within the healthcare sector.

Providing even greater potential for JINS MEME as the platform for body sensing
JINS MEME is the world’s first sensing eyewear developed to let you see yourself. While maintaining the shape and function of fashionable eyewear, JINS has patented three-point electrooculography (EOG) and six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that capture unique bio-data (DEEP DATA) such as sleepiness, concentration and body balance, which was not possible with traditional wearable devices.

“Scalability and compatibility with other sensing devices has always been part of the plan when designing JINS MEME. Since being awarded the “Innovative Technologies 2014” Special Jury Award by METI in October 2014 and the launch of the “JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK” for academic research, the expectation for smart eyewear’s potential in the life science sector has grown further and we have strengthened our commitment to extending the functional possibilities of JINS MEME,” said JINS CEO Hitoshi Tanaka.

“Making and Creating Health” : how natural and seamless 24-hour data tracking can impact health and wellness
Omron Healthcare is a leading company in healthcare, providing various innovative sensing devices under the mission, “To help realize healthy and comfortable lives for people around the world.” Powered by its proprietary bioinstrumentation/analysis technology, Omron offers blood pressure monitoring used by 150 million people around the world as well as sleep and activity trackers. Leveraging this technology, Omron has continued to improve precision and utility in its sensing devices and advocated the importance of periodic checking and management of one’s health. In recent years, Omron has changed its motto from “measuring health” to “creating health” to advance its initiative to provide and leverage quality and reliable healthcare data to improve overall health and wellness. One example of this is “Wellness Link,” a health support service for individuals, using the data obtained from Omron’s healthcare devices.

Omron has long seen the potential in wearable devices as one method to seamlessly acquire healthcare data in people’s daily lives. JINS MEME provided a great value because of the following factors: 1)The ability to capture brain biodata from the eyes and head, which is much more accurate than a wearable on the arm or leg; 2) The ability to continuously sense data for up to 16 hours; and 3)Since people are already used to wearing glasses each day, it isn’t disruptive for them to use MEME, making smart eyewear a seamless way to capture data. JINS and Omron have a shared vision to use sensing technology to help drive active health management and prevent illness. We look forward to working together to engage in this joint project and expect to share initial outcomes in Spring 2016.

Scalability of “JINS MEME”
The earpiece end of “JINS MEME” is not just where data-tracking components are located but also has a scalable interface which can be connected to various other devices. The three-point electrooculography (EOG) sensor and the 6-axis sensors will connect to Omron devices which gather biodata but in the future, will also work with third-party peripherals.

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