Improved Versions of Load and Damp Load Cells Serve Packing Industry

VPG Transducers, a division of Vishay Precision Group, provides solution for high speed weighing in the packing machine sector by way of its Model 9010 and Model 240 damp load cells used in rotary filling.

The unique load cell and damp load cell models promotes flexible adhesive damping for faster settling times and rapid cycles of the machine. The 9010 model load cell weighs with high speed and the internal spring elements wipe out the pre-load experienced by the fixtures permitting good accuracy. Both the models can be used in multi-head weighers and in other weighers for accurate and flexible applications.

The unique Model 1430 load cell is configured to avoid errors in weighing due to forces created on liquid filling machines. Its stainless steel coating furnishes safety for hazardous applications. The series of indicators and load cells in the transducers make them suitable for conveyor systems in-line or for platform units in the packing machine industry.

All transducer models from VPG Transducers ensure safety and long life, which enable their use even in extreme conditions.


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