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Non-Invasive Non-Contact Thermometer for Pets

Sanomedics International Holdings, Inc will showcase ThermoPet, a non-contact thermometer for pets, during the Global Pet Expo from March 25-27 2010 at the Orlando-based Orange County Convention Center.

ThermoPet Non-Contact Thermometer for Pets from Sanomedics

This Expo represents the largest yearly tradeshow in the U.S. for pets.

ThermoPet is the flagship product of Sanomedics in the pet market. More than $10.2 billion is earmarked for products and supplies related to pet health in the rapidly growing pet market estimated at $53 billion.

Keith Houlihan, Sanomedics’ President informed that people who love their pets are finding it difficult to analyze their pets’ health. Houlihan revealed that the key indicator for major health problems for pets is fever for which Sanomedics has developed the first fully non-contact pet thermometer in the world. The easy-to-use ThermoPet is simple to operate involving only pointing and then pressing the button. It does not need any insertion into the body of pets as it does not utilize probes,. He added that the ThermoPet is accurate and fast and helps pet owners to find their pet’s temperatures in a second and Sanomedics felt that this gadget will play a key role in keeping pets healthy. Houlihan added that pet owners will not have to make pet-health decisions based on their lethargic behavior or warm nose. According to him a non-invasive and precise reading of temperature will help pet owners to decide whether the pet requires medical attention or not.

An estimated 63% of households in the U.S. keep one or more pets. This implies that more than 71 million households in the U.S. require medical gadgets such as Thermopet that will enable pet owners to detect fever and overall health of their pets. Pets are almost like true family members, protectors, and esteemed friends since there are more than 44 million dog owners as well as more than 88 million cat owners. These pet owners do not worry on expenses incurred to ensure safety and care of their pets.

Abhishek Shrivastava, Sanomedics’ Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, explained that ThermoPet will cause a big impact in veterinary practices also. Shrivastava elaborated that user-friendliness, precision, and speed enables practitioners to assess the temperature of the animal instantly. He claimed that it offers additional safety and operational efficiencies to caregivers, and at the same time enhances the overall pet care quality.


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