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Keller Launches 3rd Generation of CellaTemp Compact Pyrometer Series

With its CellaTemp PK series, Keller is already launching the 3rd generation of compact pyrometers with M30 central thread. The extremely simple method of installation has made this design popular and it was therefore adopted for many other measuring instruments.

The new series includes 12 models for non-contact temperature measurements ranging from -30 to 2500 °C. The device is also available in a version with an optical fibre that connects the sensor and the electronic system. The infrared radiation is transmitted through the optical fibre. The advantage is that the optical sensor head works without cooling with ambient temperatures up to 250 °C. Even in installation areasthat are difficult to access or in highly electromagnetic fields it is no problem to use this sensor head.

A new feature of the CellaTemp PK series is the integration of a small keypad panel that ensures all operating functions. Comparable compact models available on the market only offer emissivity settings on the device itself, all further settings can only be done using a PC.

Especially when the pyrometers are installed in areas that are difficult to access, parameter setting and verification via PC is not very comfortable and takes a lot of effort.

This novel pyrometer generation is equipped with a new, very bright but nevertheless power-saving LED display showing the measured value and the configuration parameters.

During the development of the CellaTemp PK a special focus was placed on operational safety. The latest electronic safeguards prevent the instrument from being destroyeddue to an incorrect connection. The built-in diagnostics display an incorrect supply voltage, an overload of the outputs, mixed up connections and an operation outside the permissible measuring range. The display also shows when the maximum permissible operating temperature of 65 °C is exceeded as a result of a cooling system failure.

Furthermore, special attention was given during development to easy handling and an intuitive operating method. Despite its numerous functions, parameter setting for the pyrometer is very simple, especially owing to its simulation function. A simulated temperature value can be entered during setup to check the correct scaling and the configuration of downstream converters, a remote display unit or a PLC even without having a hot object.

A test function was integrated to increase the reliability of the device. It is triggered either by pressing a key or by an external signal to check the function at any time without needing a target. Easy handling also includes an emissivity quick-set feature.

The pyrometer is now equipped with a standardized M12 connection that allows the use of standard wires.

Another new feature of the CellaTemp PK is a configurable switching contact that can immediately display impermissible object temperatures. It can also activate a diverter toreject faulty production parts.

In addition to the universal models with measuring ranges of 0-1000 °C, 250-1600 °C and 500-2500 °C, the series also includes devices for special applications such as the measurement of glass surfaces, trouble-free measurements in flame-heated furnaces or the measurement of aluminium and polished metals at low temperatures. A model with an extremely resistant lens is offered for measurements in a hostile and aggressive environment prevailing, for example, in the asphalt, cement and concrete industry.

Since the compact devices are widely used in production plants where they might also be subject to strong vibrations, specific measures were taken to ensure that the devices work reliably for many years even under vibration and shock loads.

Due to wide ranges and the large variety of models, applications for the pyrometers are versatile and comprise many sectors, such as pharmaceutical, food and ceramic industries,the steel industry with its many different application areas, as well as industrial furnaces, power plants and incinerators.

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