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DistribuTECH 2015 Features SilverLink Sensor Network Demonstration to Unlock Smart Grid Big Data

Today at DistribuTECH, Silver Spring Networks, Inc. showcased how the ground-breaking SilverLinkTM Sensor Network is helping unlock smart grid big data to enable utilities of the future, including new engagements with industry pioneers Florida Power & Light, The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited (HK Electric), and Pepco Holdings, Inc.

These global leaders, along with existing customers, such as Consumers Energy, are leveraging the SilverLink Sensor Network to draw on the massive volumes of smart grid big data for innovative new services including customer engagement, load disaggregation, real-time voltage management, network management, and dynamic applications at the edge.

Today Silver Spring also announced:

  • the expansion of the SilverLink App Catalog to include two new application suites: the Customer Engagement App Suite and the Grid Operations App Suite.
  • two new third-party software partners – EnergySavvy and Gridium– as Silver Spring continues to expand the SilverLink Partner Program.

Earlier this year, Silver Spring announced the acquisition of Detectent, a recognized leader in utility analytics solutions that help improve advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and utility grid operations, ensure revenue protection, and deliver enhanced customer engagement programs. The SilverLink Sensor Network unlocks and accelerates data from any sensor network to fuel any application at up to 10x the speed and 1/10th the cost of traditional utility IT infrastructure.

“SilverLink was developed to help utilities maximize the value from their smart grid programs, through an open data platform that supports innovative apps from third-party developers,” said Don Reeves, EVP of Engineering and Managed Services, Silver Spring Networks. “The demand we’ve seen from both existing and new customers demonstrates that the industry is looking to leverage real-time intelligence from the smart grid and place these consumer, grid, and operational analytics into the hands of utilities and their customers to help make more insightful choices about energy spending, efficiency, reliability, and management.”

Utilities of the Future Unlock Smart Grid Big Data with SilverLink

Leading utilities from around the world are supporting the real-time intelligence capabilities and growing application ecosystem for the SilverLink Sensor Network:

“We are committed to providing the best experience to our business and residential customers, and that includes using Silver Spring Networks technology to help them to use less energy.” --- Brian Rich, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Consumers Energy

“Leveraging the SilverLink Sensor Network with Silver Spring’s networking technology will provide even higher reliability for our customers across Florida through network optimization and traffic prioritization on the network. With the Silver Spring open, data analytics platform, we anticipate seeing even more value from our existing smart grid investments and more efficiencies in improving utility operations using real-time analysis and insights.” --- Dennis Reynolds, General Manager, Smart Meter & Network Operations, Florida Power & Light

“HK Electric sees the SilverLink Sensor Network as a key platform to provide greater information to HK Electric’s business operations and also enable HK Electric’s customers to have better knowledge about their energy usage by utilizing one of the most advanced load disaggregation programs available to consumers in Asia.” --- P. K. Chan, General Manager, Transmission & Distribution, HK Electric

“Working with Silver Spring Networks, we can leverage smart meter data including voltage at the customer side to power a multitude of applications that help bring improved service reliability to our customers. With the SilverLink Sensor Network, we will be able gain on-demand insights from our existing smart grid network, to deliver analytics-driven actions that provide an even higher level of service for our customers.” --- Babak Besharati, Manager Special Projects, Pepco Holdings Inc.

Broadening Customer Engagement and Grid Operations Apps Powered by SilverLink

Silver Spring also announced the expansion of the SilverLink App Catalog to include broadened application suites for utilities, sensor network operators, and consumers.

  • Customer Engagement App Suite and CustomerIQ - CustomerIQ, now optimized to run on the SilverLink Sensor Network, enables utilities to deliver a seamless customer experience. Using CustomerIQ enables utilities to build a stronger relationship with their customers across their devices by enabling a unified responsive web design across mobile, tablets, and desktops, and adds support for outbound notifications over text messages, e-mail, and automated calls. CustomerIQ includes support for electric, gas, AMI, and non-AMI customers. CustomerIQ is part of the broader Customer Engagement App Suite that includes program management, call center operations, and marketing become more effective and efficient by providing better data in easy-to-use formats that can be easily integrated in to existing utility assets. The open-standards based Customer Engagement App Suite also helps create more critical connections to the customer through their in-home devices, regardless of the vendor, by delivering mobile and web access to these tools.
  • Grid Operations App Suite - Network Management and Grid Management apps powered by the SilverLink Sensor Network improve the operation of grid and networks by pinpointing non-technical loss, voltage issues, equipment anomalies, and network issues that can lead to outages, brownouts, lost data, equipment failure, and added costs to the utility. By establishing consistent, quality and granular data using technology that has been demonstrated at-scale from Silver Spring and its partner ecosystem, utilities can easily troubleshoot in real-time to improve customer satisfaction.

New Partners Accelerate New Innovations for Utilities and Consumers

Silver Spring today announced two new SilverLink Sensor Network partners – EnergySavvy and Gridium – whose applications are designed to leverage vast quantities of previously unavailable data to bring new and enhanced applications to market. These partners will add new capabilities to the SilverLink App Catalog to support energy efficiency, voltage management, grid management and customer engagement programs.

Silver Spring recently acquired Detectent, a recognized leader in utility analytics solutions that help improve AMI and grid operations, ensure revenue protection with non-technical loss (NTL) monitoring, and enhanced customer engagement programs. Detectent’s utility analytics solutions will be offered both as a stand-alone solution or powered by the SilverLink Sensor Network.

The new partners join existing SilverLink ecosystem members including AutoGrid, Bidgely, DVI, ONZO, Plotwatt, and Sentient, who are already leveraging the SilverLink Sensor Network to bring new applications to market.


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