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CMOS Sensor for Low Light Security Environment

Apical Limited, a leading vendor of enhanced software libraries and hardware IP cores for wide dynamic range (WDR) imaging, and AltaSens, Inc., a premier vendor of HD CMOS-based image sensors, have pioneered the development of 1/3-inch 1080p60 HD WDR sensor technology.

HD CMOS Image Sensors from AltaSens

This technology, the first in the industry, promises a flawless low-level light performance. The A3372E3-4T WDR sensor of AltaSens utilizes patent-pending dual exposures inside one frame for generating a dynamic range that exceeds 100dB for1080p HD imaging. Every exposure is adjustable separately for light levels in scenes to capture the largest dynamic range.  Single frame-based dual exposures obviate the need to incorporate a specialized screened buffer inside a camera. The frames offer smooth motion video that does not have motion artifacts which causes the exposure latitude to increase by many f-stops. The sensor offers up to 60 fps frame rate, the highest in the industry. In security applications usually function under low-light environment, it is possible to achieve flawless and complete 1080p HD by maximizing the exposure of every pixel against the wide dynamic range of the sensor.

Apical’s custom-based front-end IP blocks improve the dynamic range of the sensor, enhance the resolution, and reduce the in-frame noise. Apical’s blocks have also incorporated advanced technologies adopted recently in a wide range of WDR applications. These applications range from displays to sensors. These technologies enable the implementation of state-of-the-art pixel-compression and create the WDR video stream.  The resulting architecture provides drastic benefits for its better low-light performance, flexible WDR auto exposure and HD image quality, in comparison to present solutions that offer comparatively low resolution.

AltaSens’ Technical Marketing Vice President Giuseppe Rossi informed that the proven proficiency and technological advancement of Apical in the WDR imaging domain complements next-generation sensor capabilities of AltaSens. Rossi revealed that the recently announced product represents an initial move to develop a new breed of global class sensors that will provide a broad dynamic range and enhanced low light sensitivity.

Michael Tusch,  Apical’s Managing Director, added that the main reason for image-quality achievements of AltaSens are the IP blocks of Apical. Tusch revealed that these IP blocks will be installed along with sensors of AltaSens to support low-light imaging and WDR images simultaneously. Tuschi explained that AltaSens hoped that manufacturers of security cameras will appreciate the hardware efficient process, user-friendliness, and rapid time-to-market features of the solution.


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