Micrel Debuts MIC4520/MIC4521 IntelliMOS™ Power Stage Family That Delivers 20A in Compact TQFN Package

Micrel, Inc., an industry leader in high performance linear and power solutions, LAN and timing and communications solutions, today announced the MIC4520/MIC4521, an IntelliMOS™ power stage family capable of delivering up to 20A in a compact 4mm x 6mm TQFN package. The MIC4521 is a two-phase power stage (includes MOSFET drivers and power MOSFETs) featuring integrated current and temperature sensing.

The MIC4521 can be interfaced with a single-phase controller (such as Micrel's MIC2111) to build a complete high-current and high-performance power converter. The MIC4520 is a single-phase power stage that can operate with a single-phase or multi-phase controller. These power stages can be used in a wide variety of point of load applications for end markets such as networking, servers, storage, base stations and graphic cards. The MIC4520/21 devices are available in volume quantities with 1,000 quantity pricing starting at $2.34/$2.57 respectively. Samples can be ordered on line at: http://www.samplecomponents.com/scripts/samplecenter.dll?micrel.

The MIC4520/MIC4521 utilizes Micrel's high performance FETZillaTM DMOS technology to achieve high efficiency (over 90 percent peak). Micrel's IntelliMOS power MOSFETs have been optimized for low gate capacitance to enable fast switching performance (up to 1.2MHz) for minimal switching losses while their low on-resistance reduces conduction losses.

"Board space and heat dissipation constitute major challenges in cloud computing systems, so designers need high efficiency and compact DC-DC solutions. Micrel's IntelliMOS power stage solution meets these challenges and enables designers to reduce their solution size by operating at higher switching frequency while maintaining very high efficiency," stated Brian Hedayati, vice president of marketing for high performance linear and power solutions at Micrel. "Micrel's IntelliMOS solutions provide accurate monitoring and protection when used with Micrel's MIC21000 digital controller. Designers can build a complete point of load solution with full monitoring, dynamic scaling of output voltage and fault protection."

The MIC4521 offers higher levels of intelligence and telemetry than traditional DrMOS power stages. The integrated current and temperature sensing of the MIC4521 enables power system designers to accurately measure and monitor the condition of each power converter to enhance system reliability. Both the MIC4520 and MIC4521 utilize Micrel's propriety bi-directional fault communication protocol to provide system protection against faults.

The MIC4520/MIC4521 operate over an input voltage range of 7V to 16V. The devices can be configured for continuous or discontinuous conduction operation and support diode emulation mode for improved light load efficiency. The MIC4520/MIC4521 have a junction temperature range from -40-deg C to +125-deg C.

Source: http://www.micrel.com/

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