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EyeScan VR 3D Sensor for Inspection of Soldered Conductor Boards

Nowadays 3D machine vision systems can solve many applications, which were thought impossible to solve.

Only a few years ago 3D-operations with height measurements or volumetric measurements were not accurate enough, too expensive and too slow.

But the technical development brought new sensors and evaluation hardware for the 3D-inspection.

Depending on the method it allows height measurements of component parts, IC-pins and the solder joints.

The EyeScan VR 3D sensor works with structured light. In this process the light is projected in stripes onto the object and due to the height structure of the object, creates a light pattern, which is then captured by a camera, which is positioned in a certain angle.

This method is extremely fast and the EyeScan VR is therefore suitable for inspection tasks such as shape deviation, completeness, or BGAs and bent IC-pins.

Stripe projection, image recording and generation of the point cloud are performed in an integrated manner based on an intelligent camera and EyeVision software by EVT.

The projector from Texas Instruments and the camera are synchronized with a frequency of 60 Hz. This solution allows measurement times of below one second. And this with the evaluation of the light intensity in every single camera pixel.

Additionally the 3D-cameras of the EyeScan series are supported by the EyeVision image processing software. With the preprogrammed commands for 3D inspection and evaluation, the user can put together inspection programs via the drag-and-drop function of the software.

And thanks to the intuitive self-explanatory user interface the user can create the programs without programming skills.

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