Adelos Introduces Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensing Solution for Upstream Oil & Gas Operations

Adelos Inc. today introduced Adelos 2.0, a fiber optic sensor system designed and optimized for commercial acoustic applications, including upstream oil & gas operations. Deployed as a system of systems, Adelos 2.0 adds value to oil and gas sectors, such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), through a world-class combination of fiber optics sensors, advanced classification algorithms and real-time data processing.

"The Adelos 2.0 acoustic sensing solution brings smarter, real-time downhole data collection and analysis to the oil patch," said Adelos Inc. President Scott Colton. "The acoustic signal fidelity and accuracy of the Adelos system are unrivaled in the commercial market today."

Adelos offers the Adelos 2.0 technology as a customized solution for direct sale to clients or as an intellectual property portfolio for licensing in the commercial sector. In addition to energy exploration and production, the Adelos 2.0 fiber optic portfolio delivers value to telecommunications, aerospace and environmental markets.

A subsidiary of S&K Technologies Inc. owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, Adelos Inc. has invested nearly a decade into engineering and deploying fiber optic solutions for the U.S. federal government, including the U.S. Navy and Department of Energy. Adelos has built these solutions by leveraging internally developed technology and its worldwide exclusive licenses to the U.S. Navy's seminal BLUE ROSE fiber optic sensor patents, which were developed by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center - Newport.

"Historically, Adelos has created fiber optic sensor solutions focused on security applications for the federal government," said Colton. "The Adelos 2.0 product offering and intellectual property portfolio have been optimized for commercial markets."

As an acoustic sensor system, the Adelos 2.0 technology uses fiber optics to measure a variety of surface, subsurface and airborne phenomena by detecting very subtle changes in pressure as acoustic sound waves interfere with light in the fiber. Adelos uses dynamic signal processing and a rich range of analytical detection, classification and fusion algorithms to convert the interference data into high fidelity signals.

In an oil field where fracking is being conducted, Adelos 2.0 can be deployed as a low-cost distributed acoustic sensor inside the well where the fiber optic cable interrogates downhole conditions and dynamics. Adelos 2.0 can provide vital real-time, location-specific information on changes in reservoir oil, gas or water pressures that has resulted from the hydraulic fracturing process.

"Adelos 2.0 uses the returned acoustic data to ensure the fracking is targeting and impacting the correct rock strata, making the process more productive and safer for the environment," said Dan Preston, CEO of Adelos teaming partner, ClaroVia Technologies.

The same Adelos 2.0 technology and intellectual property portfolio can be used to develop advanced Command & Control system in Aerospace, to monitor the security of Telecommunications infrastructure, and to identify subtle Environmental change in fragile ecosystems.


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