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Microchip’s 2010MASTERS Conference to Include TAOS’ Colloquium on Optoelectronic Sensors

Taos (Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions) proclaimed that the company would be offering a class on ‘The Eyes of the Microcontroller: Interfacing Optoelectronic Sensors to the PIC Microcontrollers’, as one of the many modules in the 2010 MASTERs Conference organized by Microchip Technology Inc.

This class is being conducted for the sixth successive year, and the venue for the Conference would be the Phoenix’s, JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa for four days from August 25th to 28th. Taos provides optosensors in many fields such as consumer, computer, automotive and medical, and also supplies other sensors such as color and light sensors, and applications for proximity detection. This is the 14th year for the conference, and it facilitates hardware and software engineers and managers in the engineering field solve complicated problems in embedded control design by an exhaustive training given on memory, analog and microcontroller products developed by Microchip. The participants are allowed to access specialists in the industry as well as Field Application Engineers from Microchip.

This class will discuss different methods of sensing light and the ways of selecting the proper optical sensor. Interfacing of the light sensors with the microcontroller would also be studied. Methods used for obtaining the signal’s significant data, inclusive of easy programs for data processing, with illustrations in short code. All through the class, many existing and live applications, such as lighting systems, an absolute angle and position encoder, and a sensor for determining airborne particle turbidity, would be talked about.

The conference will conduct 80 classes by engineers for engineers’ technical training. These classes are to be conducted by six companies, which are partners to Microchip and the aim is to allow participants to comprehend the existing and future applications in the area of electronics. The 2010 MASTERs Class catalog indicates that the Taos class is scheduled as #1479 OPT.

Ken Pye, Vice President of Microchip’s worldwide applications engineering, maintained that it was a privilege to have a technological partner such as TAOS in the conference, and the combined interaction between optosensor applications and PIC microcontroller range would prove to be precious for the participants.

According to Carlo Strippoli, Vice President of sales and marketing, TAOS, it had been an elevating experience for TAOS to chip in and take part in the conference, as the company has gained a lot of knowledge and perspective on the futuristic applications of in-built control systems. With the help of design engineers present at the conference, they were in a position to use the knowledge gained in developing newer and better optoelectroninc equipments.


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