Sienco Implements Global dTechs SensorSuite for Casanare Power Company, Colombia

Sienco, a business group of engineering solutions and consulting services for power substations and infrastructure, announced the first implementation of the global dTechs SensorSuite for Casanare Power Company (ENERCA), Colombia.

ENERCA currently has estimated annual energy losses of 13% of the total energy distributed, with an approximate value of $7.6 million CAD a year. The dTechs solution for the Casanare Power Company intends to recover 10% of actual losses.

"The implementation of this solution in ENERCA is extremely important because it will allow us to quantify in detail the figures we have for loss or theft," says Jorge Socadagui, ENERCA Energy Manager. "With this project we intend to implement effective and efficient strategies that allow us to reduce the rate of loss and theft of energy, which go towards better electricity service and reduced costs for our customers."

The project initially will run for six months, and by implementing the dTechs SensorSuite, it will allow ENERCA to obtain detailed analysis of the most critical areas of loss and accurately quantify the value of losses.

The dTechs SensorSuite enables electric utilities to wirelessly monitor technical and non-technical energy losses across their distribution system using a patented process that places sensor detection and monitoring/reporting software in the grid. dTechs addresses the last mile 'gap' in monitoring by using highly accurate medium voltage (MV) monitoring sensors. The dTechs solution provides fully integrated analysis software and incorporates the Utility's Smart Meter and/or analog mechanical meter data. The system allows the Utility to instantly view, identify, quantify, and prioritize distribution losses throughout their grid. Further benefits include Outage Management and Fault Current Reporting. The dTechs system includes the creation and delivery of a GIS grid database and the seamless incorporation into the utilities' Outage Management System (OMS).

"For us it is extremely important to bring to Colombia and Latin America such solutions, which allow energy distribution companies to directly attack the problem of power theft, so that the customers do not end up paying for this theft," said Ivan Reyes, General Manager Sienco.

"This is why for Sienco it is paramount that distribution companies be made aware of the need for point solutions likes dTechs, that enable them to provide effective and efficient service to help minimize risks and avoid increased losses," said Reyes.

"We are proud to have this partnership with Sienco and implement our technology in Colombia," said Roger Morrison, CEO of dTechs.


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