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Nexia Home Intelligence Now Compatible with a Range of Powerful New Multi-Sensors

Smart home technology leader Nexia Home Intelligence, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, a world leader in creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, announced it is now compatible with a range of powerful new multi-sensors giving users even more flexible control over the protection and efficiency of their homes.

Multi-sensors add another dimension to Nexia-powered smart homes by combining their ability to detect a wide variety of inputs, including light, vibration, motion, temperature and humidity, while communicating with other smart products, including lighting, climate controls, locks and garage doors. For example, a multi-sensor near the cookie jar can trigger a video recording and send a text alert when sneaky hands lift the lid; the light sensing ability of the multi-sensor can turn on indoor lights if storm clouds darken the sky at mid-day.

“What differentiates a truly smart home is the ability to integrate many features and systems so they work seamlessly together,” said George Land, head of Nexia Home Intelligence. “By adding multi-sensor support to the already rich Nexia ecosystem, we are giving users new power and flexibility to help their homes operate smartly, safely and efficiently – all with the proven ease and reliability only Nexia delivers.”

The Z-Wave multi-sensors connect to Nexia and its ecosystem of products through the Nexia Bridge, which connects directly to a user’s Wi-Fi router, bringing all Nexia-compatible smart products together on one network. The bridge enables the user to wirelessly connect and control hundreds of Z-Wave smart home products through one Nexia account for endless combinations of smart home functionality.

Nexia will support a variety of multi-sensor devices, beginning with Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi-Sensor and the award-winning FIBARO Multi-Sensor. These and other supported sensors can be found on Nexia’s website at

Sample programmable uses, dependent on multi-sensor model and connected devices, include:

  • Luminance: Lock the doors and close the garage when light levels fall below a set level.
  • Vibration: Send an alert if something in the home is disturbed, such as the cookie jar or liquor cabinet.
  • Motion: Turn on the lights and record video when someone enters the room or turn off the upstairs air conditioner if no motion is detected for a set period.
  • Temperature: Monitor the temperature in other areas of the house where a thermostat doesn't exist, such as bedrooms, basements and second floors.
  • Humidity: Set fans and dehumidifiers/humidifiers to run when a certain humidity point is reached.

“Allowing multiple smart devices to work together is central to the Nexia experience,” Land said. “Smart homes should make busy lives easier and more convenient, not add another layer of complexity. Combining many useful functions in a single multi-sensor helps accomplish that and continues to distinguish Nexia as the smart home leader. We understand how people live and how a Nexia smart home helps them live better.”


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