CEA-Leti Launches HIRAM 3D Interactive Modeling Tool

CEA-Leti, a French research and public organization, declared that they have developed a singular, 3D interactive device named HIRAM (Humanities, Innovation and Research in the service of Mediation Architecture).

The modeling tool, based on a number of inputs from urban planners and architects, is designed for use as a novel interface to revolutionize urban planning replicas into interactive platforms. The device includes an interactive table with the sketch of the urban location under planning, some fixed 3D objects depicting current constructions, and a few movable 3D objects depicting upcoming constructions.

It is feasible to replicate the area where the new buildings are to be constructed. Also, a RFID brush can be put to use and textures can be simulated and shown on screen. A miniature, movable camera is fitted into the replica, which helps the audience to go for a virtual tour inside the urban landscape and observe on the screen, regular human sized models to see different aspects such as shadows cast by the simulated buildings. Moreover, hi-tech tools such as a 3D printer are used for developing the prototype.

All these advances in the tools are viable, due to the ground-breaking combination of motion sensors and RFID, paving the way for the entry of a whole new series of such high-tech systems. HIRAM, which is displayed in the CEA/Grenoble Showroom, has been made as per the requirements of both town planners and architects, using the bi-lateral, technology-push with the user-pull approach in the CEA-Leti Lab. Future plans include development of innovative technologies that is far superior to the needs of the customers.

Source: http://www.leti.fr

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