APEM Launches IHS Hall Effect Pushbutton Switch

APEM Components, a trailblazer in the field of joysticks and quality switches, launches the IHS Hall Effect Pushbutton Switch. The pushbutton being contactless includes a magnet, a transducer, whose output voltage changes in accordance with the fluctuations in the magnetic field, and a Hall Effect sensor.

Pushbutton Switch uses magnet and Hall Effect sensor.

Hall Effect sensors can work for applications, such as current sensing, velocity detection, locating and immediacy switching. It is a resilient equipment, to be used for cycles numbering five million. Being sealed to IP67, it is sheltered from the consequences of being immersed in water, ranging from a depth of 15 cm to 1 m, for a period of 30 min. The elastomeric sealing assembly proves to be a trustworthy seal, giving a distinctive feel to the IHS at the same time. These switches provide 28 V direct current (VDC) at a peak level of 50 mA. Supply voltage varies from 3.5 VDC to 24 VDC, and when it is switched off, it uses 2.5 mA to 5 mA.

APEM having been in the field of manufacturing superior quality of both industrial size and miniature switches from 1952 onwards, offers a wide-ranging product line. Their products include DIP, pushbutton, slide, rocker, snap-action, tact, rotary, keylock, toggle and pushwheel switches and also a number of other products such as membrane switches, switch panel assemblies, industrial controls and joysticks.

Source: http://www.apem.com

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