What Requirements must Pressure Sensors meet in HVAC?

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What Requirements must Pressure Sensors meet in HVAC?

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The free webinar “Ultra-low differential pressure sensors for HVAC applications” can be watched:

  1. To learn more about versatility, dust immunity, offset long-term stability, and sensitivity
  2. To understand the difference between conventional technology and microflow channel design
  3. To learn about the typical problems of sensors in HVAC applications and discover how the First Sensor micro-flow technology is able to solve them

About the Speaker

Dr. Adriano Pittarelli, Product Manager at First Sensor, has over 15 years of experience in the development of flow and pressure sensors.

HVAC systems need high-sensitivity pressure sensors to fulfill regulatory requirements and reduce energy costs. First Sensor demonstrates how flow-based sensors consistently measure the least differential pressures — even in confined spaces and dusty surroundings.

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