Ultra-Small Voice Coil Actuators

BEI Kimco Magnetics, a Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) firm, has declared the release of an ultra-small cylindrical-form voice coil actuators called the Model LA05-05-000A.

Ultra-Small Voice Coil Actuators

The size of this miniature actuator is 0.5” in diameter and 0.5” in length at the mid-stroke, and is about 0.5” tinier than the conventional models available in the market. This compact architecture of the actuator helps the engineers in resolving compressed packaging constrictions for use in medical and industrial applications.

Miguel Hermosillo, BEI Kimco's applications engineer for VCA, reported that this advanced actuator is highly specific and is the first miniature version available in the market. This miniature size aids its utility even in tightly packed environments. The conventional models demand a BLDC motor with other necessary elements to achieve the functions performed by this advanced model, he remarked.

This tiny actuator offers excellent features encompassing a total stroke of 1.02 mm, a force of 2.5 ozf, and an actuator constant of 1.04 N/sqrt (watt). It is direct driven, and performs hysteresis-free and cog-free functions with intense-acceleration and precise position resolution, for use in significant precision demanding mission applications.

Source: http://www.beikimco.com

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