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CellGuide Adds Three-Dimensional Compasses to GPS Chips Using Baolab NanoEMS Technology

CellGuide has chosen the NanoEMS technology from Baolab for incorporating into its positioning system. CellGuide has come up with CLIOX-C, which is a complete GPS and compass device.

NanoEMS sensor

CLIOX-C is a combination of the GPS chip with three-dimensional NanoCompass IC and is capable of equipping tablets, mobile devices and cameras with reality features such as pointing and identifying. By adding the compass functionality to the GPS the capabilities of the system are enhanced with dead-reckoning and tunnel-exit features which help in situations when the GPS signal is interrupted or absent.

The combination of a compass with GPS functions provides location based service which comes at reasonable price and in a compact package. The operation and power management of both the GPS and the compass can be done independently. The GPS system from CellGuide is built on host-based SNAP technology which provides efficient power management and high performance. The compass from Baolab is a three-axis compass built on CMOS MEMS technology. This is the first product of its kind that uses patented NanoEMS technology to develop nanoscale MEMS metal structure that makes use of high volume CMOS lines. Adina Shorr the CEO of CellGuide claimed that the Baolab technology when combined with the NanoCompass IC will provide details on not just the object’s location but also how it is oriented. The CEO of Baolab explained that the combination of NanoEMS technology with the GPS system will prove to be an efficient system for designing innovative consumer electronic products.


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