Infrax Introduces Multi-Level Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection Network

Infrax Systems (IFXY) has launched the Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection (SPIDer) network for addressing site destruction, malicious activity, and theft of copper in the electric utility industry. IFXY provides interrelated operational management, smart grid-related products and services and communications in a secure intelligent energy platform.

Copper theft is estimated to cost one billion dollars. While the cost of the copper involved is comparatively less, the costs involved in repairing the damaged equipment and restoration of operations of the infrastructure and the substations is very high.

IFXY’s SPIDer network provides a flexible, multi-level approach to address intrusion detection. It is a cost-effective solution that can be set up and configured rapidly. Remote threats are recognized and provided quite near real time. SPIDer consists of three levels for identifying intruders. Electronically charged coaxial cables are used in the first level and these are linked to the fencing. Cutting, climbing or excessive movement trigger an alarm.

A visual intrusion monitoring network forms the second level. Wireless networked image sensors monitor and communicate through a cellular network to a security center. The sensors can detect movement at up to 100 ft. When any motion is detected, it triggers an alarm and a high definition image is sent to the security center and personnel through email.

The third level consists of level one and level two sensors for recognizing potential threats. It is a multi-level network for detection and verification. The level one will provide intrusion alarms and the level two will provide verification of images. This combination minimizes false alarms and enables effective detection.


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