Tradeshow Talks with First Sensor

Tradeshow Talks with First SensorBooth 430

What makes First Sensor a leading sensors manufacturer?

Our ability to customize is probably our leading edge. We're very open to custom products and modifications to standard products. We have our own foundry which allows us to go from the custom chip level all the way through to the system level.

We have inside engineering with our contract manufacturing companies, which are not just contract manufacturers, they're actually engineering centers with unique production techniques for automotive and for medical, and for low and for high volumes When a customer comes to us we can take them on the journey as far as they want to go.

How do you see First Sensor developing in the automotive space?

It's been our goal to be on every platform. The sensors market is volatile and it’s hard to tell where the market is heading – for this reason we want to be part of all of the different changes that are currently happening. Right now, we’re working with a load of different companies and a lot of these are small startups. These all work on different applications in the automotive space, which are not necessarily all dealing with light.

I think that over the next five years the market is going to heavily consolidate and five or so companies are going to come to the top. We want to be working with those customers.  

What makes First Sensor unique?

We offer what is probably the best APD on the market for sensitivity, which is what it's all about. A low noise and a high sensitivity.  We also have a proven record of being able to take products from industrial through to automotive qualifications.

Zoe Peterkin

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Zoe Peterkin

Upon graduating from the University of Exeter with a BSc Hons. in Zoology, Zoe worked for a market research company, specialising in project management and data analysis. After a three month career break spent in Australia and New Zealand, she decided to head back to her scientific roots with AZoNetwork. Outside of work, Zoe enjoys going to concerts and festivals as well as trying to fit in as much travelling as possible!


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