Tradeshow Talks with Innov Wire Technology - SEMICON West 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Innov Wire TechnologyBooth 2532

Could you tell us a bit about the company and why you are atttending SEMICON West this year?

We are Innov Wire Technology, we are from Colorado Springs, Colorado and what we do is we manufacture a line of wire saws and the consumables for slicing with fixed abrasive wires. So it allows you to cut efficiently hard, brittle materials very accurately.

Why did you come along to SEMICON West this year?

SEMICON West is really important for us as it allows us to interact with many different customers from different markets that can really utilize our equipment. It gives us two benefits, one is we are able to interact with customers we currently have, as well as meet a bunch of new customers to help provide solutions for their needs.

Who are your customers? What industries do you help work with?

We are so varied, we do everything from the photonics industry, we do a lot of optical glasses, we do silicon, we do sapphire, laser materials, magnetic materials, a lot of tellurides for refrigeration. It is very broad.

Have you got any products on show this year at SEMICON West 2018?

We do, we have a demonstration of our new single wire saw, we call it the NCS200 that was just released in April of 2018. We also have some samples of our diamond wire as well as brochures. We also have some various materials that we have kept for customers to just kind of let people see what it is we can do and how we can help them.

Can you tell us a bit about the benefits of your products, why a customer should choose you over anyone else on the market?

With diamond wire and our saws that are out there today, we have found that we are able to help customers replace older technology, either a blade or a slurry-type saw, and provide them a more efficient, quicker, cheaper solution, as well as the biggest buzzword for us is kerffor the amount of material loss for every slice. And fixed abrasive wire allows us to reduce that to a point that they are seeing increased material savings.

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