Things to Consider for Your Plants Turnaround Project

Planning to revamp operations within a hazardous plant area is a demanding and detailed task. Many things will change, including the number of workers at different levels, the pattern of work, and the kind of machinery or moving parts in use.

It is necessary to keep a strict eye on financial costs and the results of the turnaround, even while safety norms are stringently adhered to. Even as many aspects are undergoing change, the different aspects of the project must be harmonized to make sure the plant running is minimally affected while its performance is maximized.

One of the things which can help immensely to achieve safety while boosting performance to optimal levels is continuous area monitoring. Industrial Scientific offers a device which is completely suited to this task in a variety of applications, even when personal gas monitors are already mandatory and are in use. The Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor is designed for top performance and safety in such applications, because of the following features:

Quick and Easy Installation

The Radius monitor couldn’t be easier to set up, without delay and without annoying complexity. In fact, all that needs to be done is to unbox it, turn it on, and set up a network of as many monitors as needed around the hazardous area, and there it is, monitoring the area instantly and constantly. The specialized LENS™ Wireless technology used in the Radius BZI monitors enables them to begin the process of sending and receiving signals instantly.

There is no need for licensing, setting up an information system or buying any additional tools. Again, all instruments in the network begin to show the same variant reading once a single device sets off the alarm. Industrial Scientific also has personal gas monitors, the Ventis® Pro Series, which have the same technology, and can therefore be tuned correspondingly to join the network of monitors once they are switched on, providing dynamic surveillance of the area.

Long Battery Life

For constant monitoring, reduced maintenance requirements, and minimum downtime, it is impossible to overrate the Radius BZI monitors. A single charge carries the instrument for seven to eight days in succession, which means fewer attendants are needed to change and bump test the battery – down from daily recharging to weekly recharging! This not only reduces the costs of labor but protects workers from unnecessary exposure to the hazardous area.

The number of permits to enter this area is also reduced dramatically. Two monitors can be kept charged as reserves to be switched into the network at the end of the charge period, withdrawing the depleted instrument and rotating in the charged one, with no downtime whatsoever. Moreover, it couldn’t be simpler to recharge, and bump test the device. All that is needed is to take out the CPU of the monitor, the SafeCore® Module, and put it into the DSX™ Docking Station.

The Radius BZ1 can quickly be deployed across a plant during a shutdown or turnaround.

The Radius BZ1 can quickly be deployed across a plant during a shutdown or turnaround.

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

A plant turnaround is essentially a short-term project, and the state of the plant keeps changing from moment to moment as various deadlines are met. This means that many such projects require only short-term rental of continuous area monitors rather than their outright purchase for a very short use period.

Radius BZI monitors are available for order almost at the last minute, including the number required and the date when they need to be shipped to the plant, making sure the vehicle fleet reaches the site with the right number of monitors you require to set up a network for constant surveillance of the hazardous area throughout the period of turnaround.

Moreover, within 48 hours a new instrument can be brought in or an inoperative one replaced, which again avoids plant downtime. Industrial Scientific staff oversee the servicing of every monitor available for rent, which is sent to the site loaded with the correct settings as per the client’s requirements.

Thus, a vital aspect of planning a seamless plant turnaround is looking into the possibility of using continuous area monitors to keep the shift safe but maximize plant performance simultaneously.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Industrial Scientific.

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