Moving Heavy Loads with Hydraulic Cylinders


Clevis style hydraulic cylinders are employed in different mobile applications/industries to move heavy loads. A linear transducer is usually installed inside of the cylinder to automate these machines. OEMs often prefer to safeguard the sensor from the external elements while keeping the same pin-to-pin center of the cylinder; this makes using the conventional Rod Style linear transducer quite challenging if not impossible.


Keeping this in mind, Ametek designed the 958A, targeting the mobile hydraulics market. The 958A utilizes the company’s field-verified magnetostrictive technology to provide absolute analog position, accurate to 0.04% of the programmable sensing distance. The 958A is a precise, auto-tuning, strong, programmable (zero and span), non-contact linear displacement transducer that comes in a compact embedded rod-style package. The embedded package style enables the unit to be completely installed in the interior of a hydraulic cylinder, thereby safeguarding the transducers from external conditions.

The 958A includes three distinctive features: (1) the unit includes diagnostics, which signify if the position of the magnet lies outside of the defined range by outputting an analog signal outside of the normal operating range; (2) the unit features an auto-tuning capability, which enables it to sense a magnet apart from the traditional ring magnet, and consequently modify its signal strength; and (3) the unit can be powered from 8 to 30 VDC at 1.6 watts, making it easy to fit into a wide range of systems. All units can easily be modified in the field for reverse operation.

The 958A units provide different analog outputs, all with field programmable Zero and Span points. Units can be ordered in English or metric span lengths from 2” to 100” (50 mm to 2540 mm), and come standard with either bare leads, M12 style connectors, or integral cable assemblies.

The 958A embedded linear displacement transducer

The 958A embedded linear displacement transducer

Potential Customers

Construction, Agriculture, Commercial Vehicles, Mining, and Hydraulic Cylinders.

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