Using Laser Level Measurement for Optimizing Crusher Control

Laser Level Measurement has a Major Impact on Optimization of Crusher Control.

With thousands of crusher installations globally, ABB non-contact laser level products, including the LM80 and LLT100, offer systems for rigorous management of crusher operations.

Crusher line

Crusher line

For a variety of industries which make use of materials such as minerals, chemicals or agro-based products, crushers make up a vital part of processing. Regardless of the material to be processed, efficiency is vital, and observing the material level is required to ensure crusher operations are running at peak performance levels.

In rock crushing processes, a chain of rock crushers are usually linked by conveyor belts. At each crushing phase in the process, rocks are crushed to ever smaller pieces.

ABB laser products deliver consistent measurements and suffer no impact from continual vibrations produced by conveyors and railcars. Lasers are also able to handle the presence of dust as the conveyor feeds into the bin.

Resisting the effects of such factors, they can read crusher levels accurately and can therefore deliver inventory measurement and process management without the need for maintenance or adjustments.


As crushers must be fed constantly to avoid severe depreciation of the equipment and to maximize productivity, feed control is a vital consideration. It is of critical importance to keep a ‘choke’ level and to ensure that the crusher does not run empty. Users must drop ‘rock onto rock’, and never ‘rock onto metal’.

In addition to this, throughput must also be optimized, thus the plant needs to demonstrate a rapid response to inconsistent inflows, clogging, or other issues. In order to keep this ‘choke condition’, speedy and precise feedback on the levels of material in the crusher is a vital criterion.

To aid in managing a controlled and/or steady flow for the crusher, industries frequently use enormous surge bins. Surge bins are habitually larger than required, but over filling can still take place. If not dealt with in a timely manner, this over filling can obstruct the whole inflow line and leak on the ground below, consequently generating physical and labor-intensive clean-ups.

Ensuring the existence of an effective feedback loop on the surge bin through the use of level transmitters is thus as vital as maintaining one on the crusher itself. As well as affecting productivity, preparing for appropriate level control can create substantial initial cost savings when determining surge bin requirements.

Surge bin

Surge bin


Thanks to its ability to be installed at a variety of stages on the crushing line, be it made up of fixed or mobile units, the LM80 is the perfect solution for this sort of measurement. Every crusher can be of a distinct variety, with specific specifications and limitations unique to each design.

The fine beam can be easily fixed between the crusher mantle and its side wall, while the integral pointer enables accurate aiming of the laser. The main benefits linked with use of the LM80 are improved production and reduced maintenance costs on rebuilding the crusher as a result of recurrent rock damage.

Laser level measurement offers users substantial cost reductions, with a return on investment in weeks, or even days.

LM80 laser

LM80 laser

LM80 dust tube

LM80 dust tube

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ABB Level Measurement Products.

For more information on this source, please visit ABB Level Measurement Products.


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