Lens Adapters for High-Definition TV and Film Applications

In the Broadcast TV and Film industry, optical systems and lenses of highest quality and resolution are required for image transmission.

Resolve Optics Ltd has extensive experience in producing optical systems and lenses for use in TV, video, film, and high-definition TV applications.

wide angle lens adaptors

Image Credit: Resolve Optics

Advanced Optical Systems

Resolve Optics Ltd has been developing state-of-the-art field lenses and optical systems for over two decades. This has enabled its customers to achieve unparalleled image performance.

Major achievements include the development of the smallest 3:1 optical tracking zoom lens in the industry. This lens is used on 1/3" three-chip  as well as 1/3" single chip broadcast cameras.

Wide-Angle Lens Adapters

Resolve Optics Ltd has supplied several Model 287 wide-angle lens adapters to the BBC Springwatch group, based in Bristol, UK, to enable high-quality, external broadcasts.

wide angle lens adaptors

Image Credit: Resolve Optics

Springwatch and Autumnwatch are two parts of a well-known BBC television series that records the wealth of British wildlife through the varying seasons in the United Kingdom. Live broadcast of the programs is made from regions across the country in primetime evening slot on both BBC Two and BBC HD.

A crew of 100 people and more than 50 cameras are needed, making the BBC television series the biggest outside broadcast events in Britain.

Most of the cameras are protected from the view and operated from a distance to trace the natural behavior of animals, like birds in their nests, or badgers moving close to the set.

Traditionally, lens adapters for zoom lens cameras have offered a compromise between field of view, image distortion and achievable resolution. Our Model 287 wide angle lens adapter is unique in that it is able to provide a true 0.5x field of view (FOV) whilst maintaining minimal distortion and high resolution throughout the zoom range of your camera.

Mark Pontin, Managing Director, Resolve Optics Ltd

He continued, “The BBC Springwatch team required that the Model 287 lens be capable of being used outdoors often for days on end without any deterioration in image quality. To stop the incursion of condensation into the Model 287 we mounted all lens elements under dry nitrogen and introduced a new lens bonding technique into the production method.

To prove that the lens would withstand the rigors of extended length outdoors broadcasts we immersed the lens in water for several days, dried the lens and still got perfect high-resolution images,” added Pontin.

Image Credit: Resolve Optics

Novel Design and Excellent Performance

Model 287 has a resolute performance, thanks to the adapter being specifically designed to work with the moving entrance pupil of zoom lenses.

The innovative design of Model 287, together with the use of high index glasses, finely balances the requirement for a low-distortion wide-angle view with the higher level of correction needed at the narrow angles of view.

The result is a lens of the highest quality with an unparalleled capacity for complete “zoom through.” This creates high-contrast images in spite of the zoom position, while maintaining both resolution and focus to the farthest edges of the image.

Customers can contact Resolve Optics Ltd to review any application and to know more about the refined optical design and manufacture solutions offered by the company for use in the Broadcast TV and Film industry.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Resolve Optics Ltd.

For more information on this source, please visit Resolve Optics Ltd.

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