Gas Turbine Inspection for the Power Industry

Resolve Optics Ltd has delivered a tailor-made high-temperature Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) endoscopic viewing system to a leading supplier in the power generation sector to enable the inspection of gas turbine blades while in operation.

A gas turbine installation.

A gas turbine installation. Image Credit: Resolve Optics

Importance of Gas Turbines for Generating Power

Gas turbines are currently one of the most frequently used power-producing technologies. They are a type of internal combustion engine in which a mixture of air and fuel is burnt, which produces hot gases that rotate the turbines to produce power.

The formation of hot gases during fuel combustion instead of the fuel itself gives gas turbines their name. Gas turbines can make use of various fuels, such as natural gas, synthetic fuels, and fuel oils.

Inspecting Gas Turbine Operation

To enable inspection during the operation of the gas turbine, the SWIR endoscope was designed to withstand strong vibration and to work up to 950 °C and 150 PSI pressure at the probe tip.

SWIR endoscope designed by Resolve Optics.

SWIR endoscope designed by Resolve Optics. Image Credit: Resolve Optics

To balance the negative impacts of high temperature and pressure, Resolve Optics Ltd created a special design that makes it possible to introduce cool air at high pressure in the center section of the SWIR endoscope.

This advancement enabled the prism at the tip of the endoscope to be cooled to below 200 °C, and the positive pressure supplied sufficient airflow to maintain the prism’s cleanliness.

Heat breaks were particularly designed into the body so that the camera end of the SWIR endoscope was kept at below 50 °C. This prevents the endoscope from conducting heat from its tip through to the connected camera.

One of the most complex elements in the design of the SWIR endoscope was to ensure that the glass features are maintained securely.

If the clamp rings or elements become loose, the amount of vibration would rapidly degrade the components of the endoscope and create metal powder and glass debris that would affect the quality of the image.

This issue was solved by using spring retainers developed from carefully chosen materials, with an expansion rate that would eliminate the differences in expansion between the glass and the metal housing.

Solutions from Resolve Optics

As a dynamic and knowledgeable organization, Resolve Optics Ltd focuses on creating novel designs and manufactures large quantities of optical systems and lenses on time, and according to the rigorous target price and quality criteria.

The company has established a unique ability to manufacture small batches of high-performance, mounted lens systems that have the same quality, appearance, and feel of the best professional broadcast TV and photographic lenses.

optical systems and lenses

Image Credit: Resolve Optics


The continual development and global reputation of Resolve Optics Ltd are based on a long track record of delivering projects efficiently, manufacturing large numbers of optical products and lenses on time, and achieving the preferred target price and quality.

Customers can contact Resolve Optics Ltd to know more about its tailored optical systems and their ability to endure tough operating environments (temperature, vibration, or pressure).

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Resolve Optics Ltd.

For more information on this source, please visit Resolve Optics Ltd.

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