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Keller UK’s LEO 2 Compact Digital Manometer for Accurate Pressure Measurement

The digital manometer LEO 2 is a compact, micro-processor controlled, highly accurate and versatile pressure measuring instrument having a digital display. The top display represents the actual pressure, and the bottom display represents the minimum or maximum pressure.

The LEO 2 consists of the piezoresistive pressure transducer in which all the extensive pressure and temperature tests are performed. The characteristics of the piezoresistive pressure transducer are stored in the internal EEPROM. The instrument consists of two operating keys. The first operating key is used for switching on the instrument to select the functions and the pressure units. The second operating key is used to perform the selection functions and pressure units.

It is also used to navigate between the maximum and minimum values. The instrument measures and displays the pressure twice per second. A carrying bag and a protective rubber covering are available as optional accessories. Intrinsically safe version (LEO 2 Ei) is also available.

The LEO 2 has the following functions:

  • The maximum and minimum values can be set to the actual pressure value with the help of the RESET function.
  • A new Zero reference value can be set due to the presence of the ZERO-function.
  • All standard instruments are calibrated in bar.


The specifications of the digital manometer LEO 2 are:

Weight » 125 g
Battery life 1’000 hours continuous operation
Supply 3 V battery, Type CR 2430
Pressure connection 7/16”-20 UNF (adapter G 1/4” included)
Diameter x Height x Depth 59 x 95 x 32 mm
Compensated temperature range 0 to 50°C
Protection, CEI 529 IP 65
Accuracy RT (room temperature) < 0,1 %FS
Storage/Operating temperature -20 to 70°C / 0 to 50°C
Total error band (0…50°C) < 0.2 %FS

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