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Radalert 100 Geiger Counter from International Medcom, Inc.

The Radalert 100 is a general purpose Geiger counter that can measure alpha, beta, gamma, and X-radiation. The latest features of the Radalert 100, the upgraded version of Radalert 50, includes a utility menu and a three-second menu that helps change the default settings for a number of operation parameters.

Its digital liquid crystal display (LCD) shows the current radiation level in milliroentgens per hour from .001 to 110 or counts per minute (cpm) from 0 to 350,000. When SI units are chosen, the LCD shows readings in microsieverts per hour from .01 to 1100 or counts per second (cps) from 0 to 3,500. This instrument also provides an accumulated total and timer function, up to 9,999,000 counts and 40 hours.


The Radalert 100 can be used to:

  • Monitor personal radiation exposure
  • Monitor an area or perimeter
  • Identify radiation leaks and contamination
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Monitor changes in background radiation
  • Demonstrate principles of nuclear physics
  • Check for radioactive minerals in the earth

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