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Extronics Ltd. iRFID500 Handheld Bluetooth RFID Tag Reader

Bulky PDAs and archaic, arduous techniques have become outdated. A contemporary solution to enhance efficiency is to use smart devices, such as tablets or smartphones, along with Bluetooth accessories for additional functionality.

iRFID500 handheld Bluetooth passive UHF RFID reader

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Now, users can stay safe, smart, and connected with the latest and robust handheld passive RFID reader, called iRFID500, from Extronics. Users can connect the iRFID500 to their smart devices through Bluetooth or use it as a standalone unit for operational flexibility.

The iRFID500 has been developed to simplify business processes such as tracking assets like drill tools or pipes, demonstrating regulatory compliance, and tracking maintenance tasks and planning.

Extronics Ltd.

Image Credit: Extronics Ltd

Safe and Suitable for Use Worldwide

Users can select the variant that optimally suits their specific applications, regardless of its location in the world. The iRFID500 is fully certified as safe to use in IECEx, ATEX, and North American hazardous locations, and it also holds radio approvals for FCC and ETSI frequencies.

  • IECEx and ATEX
  • U.S. and Canada Class I, II, and III, Div 1
  • Mining, M1
  • Zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, and 22

Use with a Range of Smart Devices

The iRFID500 has Bluetooth capability and can be connected to tablets and other similar smart devices as part of the Industrial Internet of Things. Users can visualize tag reads in real time and can also add additional data, such as which operator is working on which part of the equipment, or what kinds of maintenance jobs are being performed. Users can also utilize the tablet operating system of their choice; the iRFID500 is compatible with Android, Windows, and Apple devices.

Operate as a Standalone

The iRFID500 has a large internal memory, which means it can be used without connecting to a smart device. If users do not have access to a tablet or do not need to add more details, they can simply operate the iRFID500 as a standalone device.

The internal clock function of the iRFID500 stamps every tag read with a time and date, offering an unprecedented audit trail for compliance. Users can access the tag read data rapidly by linking the iRFID500 to a PC through the USB connection cable. This makes users more efficient and helps them fit in with their specific work processes.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Software development kits (SDKs) for both Android and Windows are available. These kits allow users to build closer integrations between the iRFID500 tag reader and their systems for a personalized solution that directly suits their particular applications.

iRFID500 Software Development Kit

  • Intuitive API for rapid development of RFID applications
  • Can be used with all iRFID500 readers
  • Supports Android, .NET, Java, and C programming languages
  • .NET compact framework is also available

The SDK comprises libraries that render it easier to incorporate the iRFID500 reader technology. Libraries like these define a high-level object-oriented interface that allows interaction with all readers in easy2read mode. This enables developers to direct their resources on the application development and not waste time with details relating to the communication protocol.

Available for Android, JAVA, Visual C++, and Microsoft .Net, the libraries are integrated with the IRFID500 development kits as a royalty-free license.

Long Battery Life Designed for Shift Work

The iRFID500 has a long battery life that lasts for more than 12 hours and is fit for purpose—that is, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. The power LED changes color from green, to yellow, to red, indicating the amount of battery life that is left. This means users can charge the device when required and be assured that it will not die in the middle of a certain job.

Practical Size and Shape

The iRFID500 is around the size of a smartphone and comes with an attachment point for a belt clip, lanyard, or wrist strap. Thanks to these features, the iRFID500 can be easily carried without any risk of being damaged, and it does not restrict the users’ movement.

The ergonomic and lightweight design of the iRFID500 means users will not become tired as the shift wears on, enabling them to work more effectively.

No Need to Remove Gloves

The large buttons are developed to be glove-friendly, which means users do not have to remove their protective gloves to use the iRFID500 device—this saves time, which is otherwise spent on removing gloves or putting them back on. Through the stylus nib, users can even use a connected tablet while wearing gloves. This prevents unwanted wastage of time and helps users work more productively.

Straightforward to Operate

The iRFID500 unit can be operated using a single hand, leaving the other hand free to carry extra equipment, such as a tablet, or to hold railings. There is auditory, visual, and vibration feedback to make it easy to use effectively, without intensive training.

Adjustable to Suit Operator Needs in the Field

The read range of the iRFID500 can be modified by operators to easily differentiate between different kinds of tags, and these tags can be read from up to 1 m away. There is no need to get a ladder or perform a risk assessment to inventory assets that are placed on a high shelf, for example, thus rendering the process safer and more efficient.

Fit for All Weather Operation

The IP65-rated iRFID500 device can continue to operate even while being splashed with water; hence, there is no need to replace or repair the units after utilizing them in the rain. Besides, the iRFID500 device can be employed in different temperature ranges, from −20 °C to +55 °C, allowing users to take it wherever they go.

Works with UHF Passive RFID Tags

The iRFID500 reads UHF passive RFID tags, like the intrinsically safe iTAG500 range from Extronics. This iTAG500 range is extremely long-lasting and suited for use in hazardous locations.

Developed with Omni-ID, the iTAG500 range utilizes Extronics’ exclusive plasmonic structure for excellent performance in metallic surroundings, like those found in the process sectors. Moreover, the tags will continue to work even when it is covered in water or oil, so there is no need to clean them prior to reading—saving users both time and effort.

See the Benefits

Users can test the iRFID500 device in their own environment and see how it may help them with their specific application using a demo kit. Every demo kit contains an iRFID500 variant of users’ choice, a wrist strap, a USB cable to charge the iRFID500 and also download tag reads, and a range of passive RFID tags to select from.

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